FIT Colon Cancer Solution

FIT (Fecal Immunochemical Test) brings early cancer detection to your doorstep, offering both convenience and hospital-level accuracy. It exclusively searches for a certain blood type associated with signs of colon cancer. Taking this simple step can make a significant difference in your health, potentially saving lives through timely detection

Easily self-conducted at the comfort of your home

No dietary or medication restrictions before taking the test

Certified laboratory-based quantitative result

A robust network of doctors is prepared to connect with you for result discussions if needed

Sample Collection:
Feces Sample
Result Times
1 Week
Testing Cycle
1 year
For Ages:

Installments payment available:

  • 0% interest for 3-month installment plan available for purchases above 5,000 THB
  • 0% interest for 6-month installment plan available for purchases above 10,000 THB

Why Test for Colon Cancer?

Colon Cancer - When Awareness Strikes Too Late

Colon cancer ranks as the third most prevalent cancer in Thailand. Unfortunately, many patients only become aware of their condition when symptoms become apparent, such as blood in the stool, persistent alterations in bowel habits, abdominal pain, or unexplained weight loss. By this stage, the cancer is often in an advanced, severe state, significantly increasing the risk of a poor outcome.

Early Detection, Lifelong Impact

This underscores the critical importance of colon cancer screening. Regular screenings can identify abnormalities even before symptoms manifest. Early detection empowers healthcare providers to take proactive measures, potentially preventing the onset of colon cancer or enabling more effective intervention should it be detected.

What’s Good About Our FIT?

With comparable accuracy level to high-priced colon cancer screening services provided in hospitals, Welala FIT offers you with a significantly more affordable and convenient colon cancer screening experience for individuals seeking regular, early detection and monitoring of colon cancer.

Who is at Risk?

Silent and Ageless Threat

Colon cancer predominantly affects individuals over the age of 50 but can occur in people of all ages and genders. The typical age range for colon cancer diagnosis in Thailand falls between 60 and 65 years. However, it's concerning that approximately 30% of these diagnoses are made when the cancer has already progressed to stage 5.

Decade-Long Journey

What makes colon cancer unique is its gradual development, spanning roughly 10 years from stage 0 to stage 5. This slow progression underscores the importance of early and ongoing testing.

Family Ties to Colon Health

Individuals with a family history of colon cancer, especially direct relatives like parents, siblings, or children, are also at an increased risk and should be particularly vigilant about regular screenings.

Key Steps With Us


Purchase and activate test kit


Collect test sample and schedule test sample pickup at home


Wait for 7 days to receive test result


In case of a positive test result, our doctor will contact you to deliver the result and help formulate next steps

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What’s in the box?

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not advisable to let the sample fall into water or get wet as it may lead to inaccurate test results. Therefore, it should be re-collected.

If there is blood contamination, it is recommended to seek medical consultation to identify the cause (samples with blood contamination will always yield a positive result).

The efficiency of colorectal cancer detection varies at different stages, with detection rates of:

  • 73% for stage 1
  • 80% for stage 2
  • 82% for stage 3
  • 79% for stage 4.

Your collected sample will be sent to laboratories in the country that have received certification for quality from the Department of Medical Sciences.