Welala Oncology Service

Launched in January 2024

  • CE Marked for clininical use for cancer patients
  • Identified the most effective combination regimen of chemotherapy / Target and immunotherapy 
  • Using biopsy or cancer tissue to grow in 3D in the lab to test against many candidate drugs
  • TAT is only 14 days – enough before your doctor can make decision
Sample Collection:
Tissue biopsy
Result Times
< 2 Weeks
Testing Cycle
1 year
For Ages:

Our ONCO-PDO can safe cancer patient life significantly

ONCO-PDO by Welala brings the most cost-effective outcome for cancer treatment in all stages of disease progression.

3D-Onco Patient derived Organoid (PDO)

Carefully cryo preserve your biopsy during transporation

100 +

Early Detection, Lifelong Impact

Tested with 100+ chemo / immuno / targeted drugs

Early Detection, Lifelong Impact

Certified laboratory-based results

“Culturing the patient cells to see which drugs is the most effective one”

“Get tested in time for better outcome”

Key Steps With Us


Contact our sales team to plan with your surgeon


Biopsy tissue will be collected and pickup at your hospital


Wait for 14 days to receive test result


Our scientists and oncologists will help you understand the results to choose the right medicine to treate your cancer