Author: Priyaluk Wijitpanyaruk

Join Dr. Tomas Koch- Founder of TK & Partners, Dr.Steven Fang - CEO and Founder of Invitrocue and Dr.Pongsathorn Chotikasemsri - Founder and CEO of Welala as they delve into
Welala is excited to share highlights from our recent participation in the H.E.A.T Anti-Aging Event (August 17-19, 2023). As a prominent showcase exhibitor, we unveiled our latest breakthrough, the Epigenetics

Guide to fostering healthy aging through informed nutrition, highlighting the importance of personalized gene profiling. Obtain insights, guidance, and doctor consultations for a bespoke and intelligent approach to holistic well-being.

Welala and InvitroU, led by Dr. Pongsathorn Chotikasemsri and Dr. Stefan Fang, have joined forces to enhance the import and distribution of the Epigenetic Test kit, "Your Biological Clock." The
Explore epigenetics, focusing on DNA methylation's reversible gene impact. MyTruHealthe tests assess methyl groups, providing health insights beyond DNA sequences. Epigenetic changes are reversible, shaping health through informed lifestyle choices.