Welala is the first to launch an epigenetic test in Thailand

Invitrou and Welala collaborate

Welala and InvitroU, led by Dr. Pongsathorn Chotikasemsri and Dr. Stefan Fang, have joined forces to enhance the import and distribution of the Epigenetic Test kit, “Your Biological Clock.” The innovative test, utilizing electronic watches, provides unparalleled accuracy in measuring biological age and health risks. This strategic partnership aims to meet the growing demand for accessible and reliable health monitoring solutions. The event, held at Novotel Bangkok Siam Square, showcased the Epigenetics Test’s capabilities in analyzing gene expression, immune system status, and tracking health risks such as obesity and diabetes. Welala emphasizes the importance of proactive healthcare, offering a convenient and rapid self-testing solution for individuals committed to improving their physical and mental well-being.

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