“ImagineHealth and Welala Partnership in Advanced Epigenetics Solutions”

Imagine Health Partnership

Welala collaborates with ImagineHealth to Elevate Innovative Anti-Aging Diagnostics in Thailand through Advanced Epigenetics Solutions

On August 14, 2023, ImagineHealth, a leading healthcare service provider in Bangkok, announced a collaboration with Welala, a provider of at-home health testing kits. This partnership marks a significant milestone in healthcare services, combining ImagineHealth’s expertise in innovative medical treatments in Thailand with Welala’s cutting-edge Epigenetics diagnostics. The collaboration enables precise DNA-level health management for customers. At the core of this collaboration is ImagineHealth, known for bridging global individuals with medical solutions in Thailand. The partnership with Welala enhances their vision for personalized healthcare, incorporating Welala’s Epigenetics diagnostic kits. These kits provide comprehensive assessments, revealing biological age, immune system age, and aging rates. Welala contributes to empowering individuals in planning their health journey for a longer and healthier life. Henning Kalwa, CEO of ImagineHealth, emphasizes their commitment to closing the gap between modern medical advancements and those seeking transformative changes. The collaboration with Welala aligns with their vision for personalized health care, offering deep insights into customers’ physical well-being through state-of-the-art Epigenetics testing. This revolutionary approach, combined with Welala’s precision, opens the door to an era of improved health and longevity in Thailand. Dr. Pongsathorn, CEO of Welala, highlights the core objective of empowering individuals to control their health. The collaboration with ImagineHealth ensures customers have comprehensive health plans and innovative treatments, guiding them toward an improved lifestyle. Customers will benefit from Welala’s Epigenetics diagnostics and ImagineHealth’s innovative treatment plans, utilizing deep insights from Welala’s diagnostic kits and ImagineHealth’s personalized approach. This collaboration provides a unique opportunity for customers to understand their biological age, explore options for longevity, and receive transparent knowledge and clear plans for an extended and healthy life.

For inquiries and details, please contact:

Facebook: Welala Clinic

Instagram: welala.co

Line ID: @welala

Shopee: https://shopee.co.th/welala.co

Lazada: https://www.lazada.co.th/shop/welala

Tel: 083-860-8875

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